About Us

An inclusive economy starts with us.

Our mission is to build economic education among our members and to invest in Colorado’s solidarity economy while abiding by the values of collective power, equity, community, and inclusivity.

Our next membership window is February 20-March 20 2020. To learn more about membership, please review our FAQ page or email us at cosolidarityfund@gmail.com.

Our values

Our investments and practices are driven by our commitments to:

Collective Power

Communities coming together to solve our own needs by leveraging our collective assets to reinforce and multiply our economic power.


Building systems that are just, fair, and healthy, specifically with those who have been traditionally disinvested on the basis of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, neighborhood or other identities. Creating equity through investments in community-driven initiatives.


Creating a collective environment to transform our economy and our relationships to capital, profit, and each other.


Intentionally creating a culture that fosters a welcoming environment that empowers everyone’s participation through education and direct democracy. Building an inclusive and accessible economy where everyone can actively participate, particularly those with the greatest barriers to doing so.